Project IV

Cytoskeletal components and their role in sealing zone and ruffled border formation.

Sandra Segeletz

My name is Sandra Segeletz and I am from Germany. After my secondary school I moved to the Netherlands and studied there at the University of Wageningen. I did there my Bachelor as well as my Master in Molecular Life Science. During my Master, I particularly specialized in the field of biomedical research and went therefore for my Master thesis to the Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam to study the intracellular uptake of Imatinib, an anticancer agent for chronic myeloid leukemia. Since May 2014 I am working in Dresden at the Biotechnologisches Zentrum of the TU Dresden as an Early Stage Researcher in the frame of Euroclast.

Apart from science I am interested in sports and I like to meet my friends and travel to different places. You can email me at:

Bernard Hoflack

I am Bernard Hoflack, during the last 30 years I have contributed to the understanding of lysosome biogenesis (biosynthetic transport of newly synthesized lysosomes to the endocytic system).

More recently, we became interested in understanding how osteoclasts acquire the property of building an extracellular lysosome (resorption lacuna), able to digest the bone matrix. You can email me at:

Our project

In the Euroclast project we are studying mechanisms and molecules that are essential in sealing zone and ruffled border formation of osteoclasts. Our goal is to understand how both properties are linked and coordinated in osteoclasts.

For this purpose we will identify putative candidates which might function in both processes. With the use of quantitative mass spectrometry, several modern molecular and cellular in vitro techniques as well as in vivo mouse models we will try to enlighten the particular role of a candidate.

Our postal address is:
Technische Universität Dresden
Biotechnologisches Zentrum (BIOTEC)
Tatzberg 47/49
01307 Dresden

Sandra and Bernard