The Euroclast team at the University of Aberdeen - Emma, Anh, Fraser and Miep - took part in Explorathon on September 26th 2014. This event highlighted a wide range of EU-funded research to the general public.

It was held in four major universities in Scotland simultaneously and was itself funded as part of the EU Marie Curie actions. We were "science busking" in Union Square, a large shopping mall in the city centre of Aberdeen.

See us below using a variety of materials, including images and X-rays, bones, teeth, artificial joints, bone chalk, shammies, skulls and antlers, to explain the properties of bone as a tissue and the role osteoclasts play in maintaining this in good health. More than 200 people visited the Euroclast stand.

An edition of the Aberdeen University Magazine accompanied the Explorathon event. This magazine is written and edited entirely by students. Emma contributed a piece about the Euroclast project which you can find on page 14. http://issuu.com/ausciencemag/docs/issue11

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